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August 10 2014, another Sunday to remember at F/U. In the light of what occurred, this post, will continue my previous post's theme highlighting the contrasts between worship and action.

The service of communion was conducted by a Rev. Samata Elia and, for his part, he delivered a very good talk to the children 'attending' and a good sermon built on the story relating to Jesus's response to his disciples fear in a storm driven sea. Take heart, have courage, do not be afraid, we can put our faith and rely on Jesus and in his words, were some points Rev. Elia made, particularly appropriate/relevant when seen in the context of our dysfunctional congregation.

Rev. Elia expressed a thankfulness we were worshiping as a mixed group. He also commented on the number of children present. Little did he know only minutes earlier one member of the congregation had been quite openly, unjustifiably, castigated by another member arriving for the service. That the leaders of our church remain openly hostile to individual members of the congregation and that the children present were not representative of what we would 'normally' see in attendance!

Rev. Elia perceptions (he saw what was in front of him) are quite understandable. Just as it's possible to perceive a colourful, healthy looking piece of fruit is sound only to find, as you bite into it, it is full of worms and entirely inedible. So it is with Fairfield Uniting: cloaked in a thin skin of respectability; just below the surface tho' is.....rot!

As happened (to me) on the previous Sunday, the Sunday just past, whilst standing outside of Fairfield Uniting, prior to the commencement of the morning service, a person (we will call her Cathy for the purpose) arrived and with no warning (reason or justification) proceeded to verbally berate me. Some interestingly ridiculous statements were made; the abusive accusations culminating in me being told I had allowed the devil to enter my head. In her eyes am I evil and without religion(?). What brought on that extraordinary attack/display?

Well $675.00 in the form of a fine was probably at the root of her attack. Cathy specifically mentioned I was at fault; she asserted I had “allowed somebody” to be fined. Interesting, ;-( I don't issues fines nor do I hold a special position of influence which could cause or prevent an infringement notice from being issued (or not) if it was warranted.

Before I expand on the (possible) underlying 'reason' for Cathy's attack let me say, it is my belief Cathy was deliberately primed (to be used) by others. The content of her attack, being so wide of reality, and misplaced, can only be explained thus.

In continuing, I am making the assumption the $675.00 Cathy spat out is the result of the NSW Police issuing, to Fairfield Uniting an infringement notice relating to the church bus. I say assume because Cathy did not say as much but, as my earlier post outlined, I was aware one was in train.

If that is the infringement being referred too then Cathy's 'somebody' has not been fined; it is more likely Fairfield Uniting congregation* has been fined, as it should have been, if it was found to have breached the law!

*As an aside - (Alternatively, if it is an individual then who I wonder? ' Who' would also indicate the church bus is not actually owned by the church?????, whilst I am aware of a possible alternative scenario of ownership and why, it is informed speculation. The possibility of the alternative raises additional significant church councillor compliance/trust issues but does not change the thrust of this post, quite to reverse.)

This is why Cathy's attack on me was unjustified and misdirected: if the bus is the property of Fairfield Uniting then it is also true Fairfield Uniting (the congregation) has broken the law (un-knowingly) as a result of the deliberately planned actions of the church councillors; one of whom has legal training (who is professionally required to uphold the law?); one other councillor and a church member both being heavy vehicle drivers all of whom knew full well what was happening with the church bus and why and, why what they were allowing to occur was breaking the law!

It is also very safe to say those same individuals have knowingly operated the church bus, over a long period, for personal use and, whilst carrying congregational members (including Cathy and her father), in an un-safe and un-roadworthy vehicle!

Attempting to hide those facts and what they may intended for the bus are, of course, why Cathy was primed to do what she did; church councillors/members attempting to deflect scrutiny of their past, present and future pre-determined indefensible behaviour!

In my previous post I talked about being bullied after the morning service. During that tirade from Rachael I repeatedly asked her to move away and stop but, she continued until I said, if she did not stop I would talk with the police; sniggering, Rachael taunted me to do so. So I did!

In doing so I outlined what had occurred and why. Acting on that statement/information the police investigated then issued the infringement notice. And rightly so: Fairfield Uniting is part of the community it is NOT above the law.

It is important to note several points here; one being Church Councillors, Lesielli (Rachael), Talanoa (Foni) and crew seem to think they have some level of ordained right to bully, slander and dictate to all and sundry. Secondly, they have clearly used church property for their own purposes; quite interestingly being captured, some month ago, by a companies video which has since been published on the web (didn't see that one coming I'll bet). Additionally it would appear the Solifonis may have long been angling to 'get cheap possession' of the church bus for the purpose of self ingratiation. ;-o ?

A further point to be made here, which may be a tad distasteful for the likes of Cathy and those who either, have chosen to side with, and or participate with the appalling behaviour of individual church councillors/members and or of the church council as a collective. Ask yourself why (without the bus) it is some people have been regularly picked-up and transported to church whilst another, one in particular, has been ignored. I know what has been said and understood by all involved and the 'stories' don't match; not something new nor unexpected given who and what was involved.

Let's re-cap: Fairfield Uniting church councillors knowingly left the church bus parked on a public street, for an extended period, unregistered and in an un-roadworth state. As a direct result of those actions NSW Police issued and infringement notice – as they should. That, it would appear, has a $675.00 dollar penalty attached which, if it is the church's, needs to be paid from the offertory, gifts given freely by the congregation for the work of the church! Something which should not go un-challenged or corrected.

Add to those facts the verbal abuse and bullying I (and others) have experienced at the hands of the church council, councillors and other members for no other reason than daring to stand up and challenge councillors actions and yet, Cathy you chose to attack me!

Were Cathy's actions necessary, appropriate, informed, considered or considerate? A higher power/others can/will answer that question; what I will say is her actions were/are a reflection of what others, in the congregation, are equally guilty of supporting and propagating.

I hope Cathy and others in the Fairfield Uniting congregation see her actions, for what they represented and, more importantly, what were/are the driving forces. When they come to understand the sinful forces at work, within the Fairfield Uniting council/congregation, maybe then they will also see how Fairfield Uniting, as a church, its congregation, services, facilities and property have and are being hijacked.

Food for thought for all Fairfield Uniting members, members in association and other congregational attendees. There are those who appear to have un-wisely aligned their loyalty, a choice which may prove to be an issue. However, there exists a more dangerous choice, symptomatic of Christian congregations; that is to sit on the fence, to not speak up and or challenge wrong doing or to 'rock the boat'. Those who choose to sit on the fence, who choose to not challenge the councillors' wrong doing and to not speak up, have in fact, made a choice; they have chosen the side of, and to support the wrong doer(s).

I repeat and add to my closing paragraphs from the previous post; Fairfield Uniting Church needs prayer: our leaders need prayer, a severe dose of reflection, counseling and, much more besides > they need to step down – NOW!

The Uniting Church in Australia’s leadership should reflect on the damage Fairfield Uniting represents in human terms and from a ‘corporate image’ point of view.

Prayer is definitely needed; substantive action is also needed and, looooong overdue!

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