Sunday, 5 October 2014

Left behind, why?
Whilst visiting family a considerable distance from home, in a phone call I was told an elderly parishioner would like to go to church today.
Unable to pick him up because of my location I sent a message to another church member asking for the pick-up to be done.
Have just received a message from the fellow's family to say "the bus has not arrived".
Has the fellow been picked-up or not?  I guess I will find out when I return.
If he has not I could assume the message - I sent - was not received or, I might also assume the person who received the message ignored the request in yet another demonstration of how personal animosities/agendas control what the leaders and members of Fairfield Uniting Church dictate who gets to go to church and who does not!  Which of the two options is correct, I wonder.
Pray for these fellows souls.

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