Wednesday, 24 December 2014

CHRIST would park where?

In my 15th post I detailed an incident which involved the Lertsinpakdees deliberately preventing me from parking, in Harris Street Fairfield, directly in front of the Uniting Church. That those individuals believe they had the right too, on behalf of the Uniting Church, to demand I not park is laughable if it were not so serious. It also highlighted to what lengths the leaders of the Fairfield Uniting Church will go to in their quest to control members and attendees of the Church. It also highlighted how they see their selfish belief, they have 'rights' above that of others in the community, is defining their lack of Christianity. That they were prepared to put their selfish convenience ahead of a severely disabled person is, had it not occurred, would not have been believed.

On the sign in front of the Fairfield Uniting Church is the word, in red, WELCOME.

Red is a significant colour to use for that word in the context of a Church sign. For it is the blood of CHRIST that was spilled for our sins. It is the recognition of Christ sacrifice, and why, which forms the cornerstone of, and why, ALL persons are welcome in the house of the LORD, except at Fairfield Uniting. To be welcome there requires an additional, personal, sacrifice. You are require to worship the Church leadership in the form of submitting totally to a set of rules, they have claimed exists, rules you will not find anywhere except in the minds of the Phar'.......* Oops! Sorry a Freudian slip ;-)

Writing (in these posts) about Fairfield Uniting is about contrast and as you will see WELCOME on a sign does NOT translate to welcome to all; only to those chosen by the *Tweed and Solifoni management are welcome; all others 'need not attend'.

Think I am wrong, think I have been un-just or un-truthful in speaking out (and blogging) about the goings-on at Fairfield Uniting? Well look what happened on Sunday last, the 21st Dec'2014, the last Sunday prior to the celebration of Christ's birth – “the reason for the season”; indeed David Tweed!

As is necessary, having brought Jessie to Church, I left my car parked in Harris Street, a public street. When I returned a short time later I find a person has place a hand written note, on the windscreen, constrained by a wiper blade. As I walked toward the car, a person from another Church congregation, who I know, who had already seen the note and its contents, drew my attention to it and, simultaneously, expressed considerable concern.


So there you have it folks a public declaration that I should, as a rate paying Fairfield City resident, not park on a public road I contribute too and, I should not “PARK HERE”, meaning in front of Fairfield Uniting Church and, that I should go and park at “MY CHURCH?”. You may be forgiven for wondering was I not parked at MY CHURCH.

I don't own a Church but you know Fairfield Uniting is the Church I grew-up in, married in am a member of, etc, etc, etc. Was I not at MY CHURCH? Well clearly in the eyes of the person who 'graffiti-ed' my car should not and neither should I.  What does that say about the Fairfield Uniting's leadership, the congregation and those guiding them spiritually?

Clearly the Church sign's WELCOME is NOT for me! Does this also apply to Christ. If Christ were to appear, again, by car, would he be allowed park in front of the Tweed and Solifoni's Church?

I asked a very pointed question in my previous post and pose it again, differently;

Are the Fairfield Uniting Leadership and Congregation, David & Pat Tweed and Foni &Rachel Solifoni meeting Christ's expectations?

Each and every one of the Fairfield Uniting Church Congregation bear some responsibility for the note found on my car and for ALL that has transpired in the last few years in relation to the matters outlined in my posts.

This coming CHRISTmas day Mr. Keith Suter, I understand will preach. On previous occasions he has mentioned his keenness in coming 'back' to Fairfield. This year I hope he sees through the 'greetings' and understands to what depth, in sin, Fairfield Uniting, and its leadership, has descended.

To Mr. Suter, Rev. Choi and Rev. Kava I wish you each a happy CHRISTmas but, like many others who should be worshiping with you, we will not be there because we have been told we are not welcome. I caution; continuing to preaching to the Fairfield Congregation and waiting for 'a fix to occur' is ruining the history of Fairfield Uniting Church by licensing and condoning the Tweed and Solifoni families conduct and actions.

To all at Fairfield Uniting I pray this CHRISTmas day may be the day your hearts will feel CHRIST's presence and your eyes will be opened to the reality of that which, in your midst, is terribly wrong and at odds with what the day and 'your faith' represents and what, our Lord, expects of you.

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