Monday, 15 December 2014

This one is for you Graeme Tweed.

That I “should take a tumble to myself” as you put it was an interesting comment the meaning of which is more significant to you than me. However for me the more significant of your two comments was the statement “you can't write about people in a blog and expect them to be your friends”.

My immediate (un-spoken) thought was, for you, Church is about “friendship” and that made me very sad for you. After all these years is that what Church and being a Christian is to you Graeme?

Friendship (in Church and life in general) is of some importance but it is a result of exercising more important traits towards people. (True) friendship is, in a way, a reward; it should never be expected and that is, quite obviously, a major sticking point for you and some others at Fairfield Uniting.

Which bring me to the word “expect”. What is expected of (not by me) a Christian and a Fairfield Uniting member is a Love of Christ with behaviour to match. Ask yourself, Graeme, could you not have contributed to the 'issues' of Fairfield Uniting by using more common-sense and not just “following the leader”. The legacy of Fairfield Uniting is yours, as much as it is others, and you are going to be around longer to carry that burden!

“Expect?” A further point to not loose sight of Graeme is it is not I who will makes the final judgement and my expectations of people are not of my choosing. It is well past time the Congregation of Fairfield Uniting looked deep into itself and ask the question, are we fulfilling Christ's expectations of us? Are you Graeme, are your parents Graeme, is the Fairfield Uniting Leadership and Congregation meeting Christ's expectations?

To help you answer those questions Graeme the following will document what happened when I arrived at Fairfield Uniting on the morning, of Sunday 14Dec2014, bringing Jessie to church.

It commences with the main player being Noi Lertsinpakdee rushing to stand, on the road, directly in the path of my vehicle, with the sole intention to prevent me from parking, in a vacant spot, directly in front of Fairfield Uniting. Not withstanding the inherent danger of Noi's actions it was his intentions which also need scrutiny. Noi clearly stated I was not to park as it was reserved for the Church bus. This is of course a lie and shows illegal intent to impede a vehicle on a public road whilst simultaneously causing significant danger to himself and other road users.

What makes Noi's action worse though is his statements, “he knows the law”, “he has the right to stop me parking”, “I am the caretaker of this Church, I have the right..”, “what are you (me) in the Church, nothing”. When I asked was he going to stop me from allowing Jessie (a severely disabled person) to get out of the car he said “yes”.

Just think for a moment Graeme, if Jessie was your father, would you like to have seen him treated the way Noi and you treated Jessie last Sunday morning? Ask yourself this Graeme, what friendship did you extend toward Jessie? Are you and Noi persons 'one' would want as friends?

Worse though; now think about how that altercation looked to the 'outside world'. Think about what those children sitting on the Church hall steps were witnessing and learning from that event. Were Noi's actions, your in-action, actions which fulfil the expectations of Christ?

The blog, Graeme, exist for one reason only: it is a record of 'recent' events. Done to ensure the truth about that which lays beneath the surface (the sin) of Fairfield Uniting is understood in the future. It is a warning to Fairfield Uniting's leadership and Congregation and to other Congregations just how NOT to behave when conducting the 'business' which represents Christ and his teachings.

The events of Sunday are now also recorded publicly, in part, for the authorities to now see Graeme. You, Noi, your parents, the Solifonis and the Congregation may see breaking the law as being ok but does Christ? You, Noi, your parents, the Solifonis and congregation may see what Noi did as justified but, it was, in truth, dangerous, illegal and discriminatory.

Does that help you answer the questions asked above Graeme, I'll repeat;

Are you Graeme, are your parents Graeme, is the Fairfield Uniting Leadership and Congregation, Graeme, meeting Christ's expectations?

If you - or any other person in Fairfield Uniting and the wider Uniting Church - can answer yes to those questions I would welcome your response and reasoning.

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