Monday, 30 March 2015


You are not welcome here!”;Don't you step into that Church!” (his Fairfield Uniting Church);You should not step into a CHRISTIAN church!”(?);You lie!”**

Within minutes of arriving at Fairfield Uniting Church, prior to the Sunday morning service (29 Mar'2015) and, while I was assisting and elderly disabled church member from my car, all those statements along with more were yelled at me from a distance of some five metres by none other than Mr. David Tweed; an Elder of Fairfield Uniting and Chairman of Fairfield Uniting's Church Council.

Picture, if you will, for a moment, that vehement rhetoric, being loudly voiced on the public pavement/footpath directly in front of a Church decorated to celebrate Palm Sunday; for the passing public to witness and in front of other members of Fairfield Uniting's congregation, including his wife (an Elder and Church councillor) and his adult son (Graeme) none of whom, yet again, were prepared to step up to the plate and to intervene.  Why?

Clearly Mr. Tweed is not happy with my reporting of the goings on at Fairfield Uniting Church and that is of no surprise - sometimes truth hurts.  What escapes Mr. D. Tweed is that it is he, ALL the Church Councillors, Rev. Choi, Rev. Kava and Presbytery who MUST accept the ball is squarely in their court.  They have either caused, added too and, by refusing to accept my (many and recent) approaches, prolong the troubles of Fairfield Uniting.  Which in turn provides more fodder for the Fairfield Uniting Church's blog which, in turn, adds to the woes of Fairfield Uniting Church and further degrades the reputation and integrity* of Fairfield Uniting, the Uniting Church in Australia and ALL its members.

*To measure our failing integrity, as CHRISTians, we need look no further than the discrimination of Judith and Ruth and how the Uniting Church, as a collective of professing (Professional and Lay) CHRISTians have abandoned them both.  I ask what is the difference between the discrimination of CHRISTians outside of Australia and Judith and Ruth's forced severance from the Fairfield Uniting Church?  If we as CHRISTians accept/allow one then we must accept the other; is that what being a member of the Uniting Church in Australia is about?

Fairfield Uniting Church has become a litmus test of the integrity of the Uniting Church in Australia.  As it festers, crying out for a resolution, our integrity as CHRISTians is questioned and, for us all, judgement is only a heartbeat away.  Any delay or lost time makes the course correction a much longer, more difficult and, possibly (for some individuals already), an irreversible journey and;

around we ALL go as we spiral into the black hole and, as a Church, we crush grace and move further away from the teachings of CHRIST: within sight of Easter!

As we reflect on the significance and reason CHRIST was sacrificed and raised from the dead - for us ALL; please reflect on OUR actions and in-action and pray for Fairfield to be fixed before we are called to account. 

**I'll close addressing Mr. D. Tweeds statement I am a liar.  He has told me that to my face: has said it to me from the CHAIR in a Congregational meeting (in front of Rev. Choi) and now he has shouted it out in a public place in front of members of the public and Fairfield Uniting's Congregation.  Clearly he may believe what he says: but consider, as an Elder, after years of making slanderous unsubstantiated accusations, in refusing to discuss the issues, Mr. D. Tweed denies me the opportunity to correct and or make amends; that is, of course, one of the major issues which underlines, drives and maintains the problems as they exist at Fairfield Uniting Church.

With me in front of him, on (Palm) Sunday, Mr. D. Tweed had yet another perfect opportunity to show his CHRISTian leadership and, yet again, he threw the opportunity out the window; preferring instead to present, publicly, Fairfield Uniting Church's values with his appalling public performance, yet again, further underlining why Fairfield Uniting Church has become the spiritual black hole it is and, using Fairfield Uniting Church to undermine the integrity of the Uniting Church in Australia as a faith/grace based, compassionate and caring CHRISTian organisation.

The opportunity still exists to talk.....I remain available.....and always will.....who has the faith, conviction and commitment to enter the fray?

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