Sunday, 26 April 2015

Money corrupts!

Sunday 26Apr'2015 log entry for Fairfield Uniting Church as one of its disciples mutinies :-(

On the previous Sunday previous Mr. D. Tweed was heard to be yelling at me from quite a distance, as I walked away, “to come back and fix it”. His reference was about my car being parked in front of Fairfield Uniting Church – on a public road. As you may have already gleaned from this blog the leaders of Fairfield Uniting have it in their heads it is they who control the public/street parking in the City of Fairfield; just as they believe, it is only they who decide who can attend the Fairfield Uniting Church.

Not to be outdone by his father, Mr. G Tweed took it upon himself this morning to, whilst standing on the Church steps to loudly berate me over an extended period. Not content with that little performance he also chose to drag other – church attendees – into his tirade in much the same way as Ms. Solifoni did when delivering her morning-tea tirade. Which is, in turn, a reflection of how we can imagine the Pharisees worked the crowd in front of Pontius Pilate.

What was today about?  MONEY.  Mr. G. Tweed put on his appalling public spectacle over MONEY! MONEY for a fine levied on Fairfield Uniting Church by the State of NSW for a breach of the law by Leaders of Fairfield Uniting Church. Because of the leaders breach Mr. G. Tweed wants to levy the entire blame on me! Mr. G. Tweed is so focused on - the – MONEY and, finding someone else to blame, he has completely and totally discounted what attracted the fine in the first place.

MONEY corrupts in varying ways. Mr. G Tweed's event is a prize example of how corrupt – spiritually – is the thinking being radiated from within Fairfield Uniting Church. That is also one reason why this blog exists. To record, for posterity, just how deep Fairfield Uniting Church has sunk in its spiritual journey and how that loss of spirituality and grace is taking individuals, and the congregation, in a very disappointing and treacherous direction.

For a moment, putting the underlying reason(s) for today’s event aside. Think for a minute reader, as you picture in your mind, the vision of a Fairfield Uniting Church member (flanked by one other) standing on their Church steps loudly berating an individual standing on the public footpath outside that same CHURCH. What does that say about what those who attend that CHURCH stand for?

It is so terribly sad to witness Fairfield Uniting Church slipping deeper and deeper away from its primary purpose and goal to be a gracious CHRISTian community.

If CHRIST returned tomorrow, to Fairfield Uniting Church;
- where should he park?
- would he be welcome?
- should he have witnessed Mr. G. Tweeds extended outburst what would he have said and or done?

Mr. G. Tweed do you think what you did today was what CHRIST would have wanted you to do? 

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