Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"No! There's not enough"

No! “there's not enough!”

Log entry for Fairfield Uniting Church Sunday morning 21st June 2015. The disappointment and disappointing actions continue. Just what is going on in these peoples minds?

The morning service printed Order of Services had just arrived, in the church foyer, and were about to be folded when I ask (the person folding) “could I have two of those please”. “No, there's not enough!” I was, quite curtly, told by another, none other than Mrs. P. Tweed. With little more to say, about more of the same, I left: but not without feeling quite sad for those two individuals. Again we witnessed, yet another, openly public display of just how far away the Fairfield Uniting leadership has moved from its primary function – witnessing and winning souls for CHRIST.

The primary person in this story is a person I have known for over 60 years. Mrs. P. Tweed is some years older and a person I once respected. She was one (of her generation) who was key in teaching me the principles by which I believe I would/will be measured* and, ultimately judged.

*Therein is embedded the problem which the current Congregation, Elders/Church Councillors, Reverends Choi and Kava, Presbytery and the wider Uniting Church need to face up too. Those fundamental CHRISTian principles, we were taught as young people, are no longer followed or practiced by the very individuals who taught them. Were those principles of value or just words and fiction? That was a question I needed to answer, for myself, some time ago and they are what directs my approach and public criticism.

Indeed, the problem is not just that those individuals are not practicing what they preached; they are also leading others to follow their (now) changed and distorted view of what is right. They are openly attacking the principles of Christianity as well as those who dare to speak out/up. In doing so, with each disappointing act, they further expose the discrimination and the hypocrisy which has become an entrenched feature of Fairfield Uniting Church, its leadership and its mission.

Those two pieces of printed paper were quite insignificant items but the sentiment with which they were denied is anything but insignificant. There may have been “not enough” Order of Services but what was more evident and ultimately more important, in that act of denial, Mrs. P. Tweed denied Jesus an opportunity of outreach. Which leads to a more important question; what is the primary mission of Fairfield Uniting Church?

Christianity stands for an abundance of....., there is always enough (of)....., and it should never be denied; they are not choices CHRISTians' were tasked to make or enforce. You and Fairfield Uniting Church either follow Jesus or it and you don't! Therefore;

- is Fairfield Uniting Church a place of worship, love and forgiveness open to all.....?

- is Fairfield Uniting Church, its Elders and Church Councillors working for the Lord and the salvation of others or are they working for.....?

Pray, the hearts and minds of the Fairfield Uniting Congregation, its leaders and Ministers will be made aware of their treacherous position and pray they will return to a path where their thoughts and actions reflect the will of the Lord and our Saviour.

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